Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver Dream Adventure Raffle

Raffle Tickets

Each Raffle Ticket enters you into the Grand Prize Drawing and any remaining Early Bird Drawings.

Weekly Add-On Tickets

Each Add-On Ticket includes you in all the remaining Add-On Weekly Drawings for $2,000 each, for up to $20,000 total.

50/50 Add-On Tickets

Current jackpot is $165,930. Each Add-On Ticket enters you into the 50/50 Add-On drawing to win half the jackpot.

Value Pack

With a Value Pack, you'll get 8 raffle tickets and 12 weekly add-on tickets for $350.

Super Value Pack

Our best deal is the Super Value Pack: 8 raffle tickets, 12 weekly add-on tickets and 20 50/50 add-on tickets for $500.

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Better Deal

With a value pack you can get X main entries and X add-on entries for $X less.